A Horizon 88 featuring a Cool2Sea uv™ enclosure.


Jeff Smith: “I invented EZ2CY®* over 26 years ago. That acrylic, and those used by copy-cats, block approximately 70% of UV–allowing UVA to do its damage!

Twenty Six Years is a long time! It's time to up-grade!

Cool2sea uv™ & Clear2sea uv™

The most technologically advanced
Acrylic Enclosures
on the market today.

A Garlington 57 featuring a Cool2Sea uv™ enclosure.

Advantages of Cool2sea uv™ vs the "Old Stuff"

  • Blocks 98% of broad-spectrum UV (health)
  • Blocks approximately 23% of infra-red heat (nearly 10° cooler)
  • No distortion (safety)
  • Enhanced Night Vision and glare reduction (see those oil slicks)
  • Soothing to the eyes (eye health/comfort)
  • No rainbows like polycarbonate (clear vision)
  • Cleaner smaller lines (clean look)
  • Acrylic longevity (value)
  • Exclusive Worldwide Network of 4U2Sea Fabricators

A Post 50 featuring a Clear2Sea uv™ enclosure
with hinged center panel.

Advantages of Clear2sea uv™ vs the "Old Stuff"

  • The # 1 advantage - Blocks 98% of broad-spectrum UV (health)
  • Clear2sea uv™ acrylic is clearer than glass and transmits 91% of light
  • No rainbows like polycarbonate (clean look)
  • Optically Clear
  • Distortion free

Only the best...

Cool2sea uv™ & Clear2sea uv™

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